An Analysis of Global Liver Cancer Therapeutics Market

Liver Cancer – Medical Terminology and Definition

Liver Cancer is also known as hepatic cancer (Hepatocellular Carcinoma) is a medical condition that results in the liver cells becoming abnormal in appearance and behavior. The cancer cells can then become destructive to adjacent normal tissues that soon spread to other areas of the liver and organs outside of the liver. There is another type of cancer known as Metastatic cancer in the liver in which cancer from other organs spreads through the bloodstream to the liver.

The causes of liver cancer are many even though, the exact cause of liver cancer is still unknown but in a majority of cases is linked to damage and scarring of the liver known as cirrhosis. Some of the causes of liver cancer are-

  • Excessive drinking of alcohol over many years
  • Long-term hepatitis B or hepatitis C viral infection
  • Haemochromatosis
  • Primary biliary cirrhosis

Liver Cancer Therapeutics Market – An Overview

Liver cancer treatment is aimed at trying to eliminate cancer with a care plan that may include treatment for symptoms and side effects in the form of disease-directed treatment to eliminate the liver cancer to improve the survival and other treatment options such an immunotherapy and through other clinical trials. Liver cancer therapeutics market has grown over the years with the liver cancer representing the fifth most common cancer and third leading reason for deaths related to cancer in the world. The global liver cancer therapeutics market was valued worth US$572 million in 2016 that is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 9.1% to reach US$884.14 million by the end of 2021.

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It is estimated that over 800,000 people are diagnosed annually across the globe with liver cancer and therefore the global liver cancer therapeutics market is anticipated to emerge as a playground for key players involved in the manufacturing of drugs for the treatment of liver cancer. As per a reputed global liver cancer market research report, the drug Nexavar (sorafenib) is the dominant therapeutic in the market and is an important targeted medical aid that is regularly used for advanced stage carcinoma patients.

There are only a few approved drugs with another few in the pipeline even though the mortality rate from the sickness continues to rise globally. Many new targeted cancer therapies are expected to enter global liver cancer therapeutics market in the coming decades. As per the liver diseases treatment market industry analysis, there is a huge market potential for the market with the rise in occurrences of liver disorders due to changing lifestyle such an increasing consumption of alcohol, unhealthy diets. In addition, government and non-government awareness programs about liver cancer would help the growth of liver disease therapeutic industry.

Liver Cancer Therapeutics Market Trends – A Reflection

The liver cancer market trends are focusing towards effective liver cancer therapeutics with the companies or key players especially pharmaceutical firms in coming out with innovative drugs and therapies to help patients in recovering from liver cancer. The trends towards liver cancer therapeutics market are quite dramatic as such with the advancements in medical science and technology, novel drugs are being developed that work in a different way from usual chemotherapy drugs that target precise parts of the cancer cells without harming the neighboring healthy body cells or parts.

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Another trend that is fast catching up in the liver cancer therapeutic market are the treatment procedures with a primary focus on those drugs that focus on the cellular and molecular variations that affect precisely on cancer cells. The treatment is referred to as ‘molecular targeted therapy’ that focuses on cellular and molecular changes pertaining specifically to cancer and are more effective.

The global liver cancer market is aptly segmented into Type (Primary, Secondary, Benign liver growths), Diagnosis (CT scan, Ultrasound scans, Endoscopic ultrasound, Laparoscopy etc), Therapeutics (Targeted therapy, Hepatoblastoma, Cholangiocarcinoma), End Users (Pediatrics, Adults) and Geography (Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America, Middle East and Africa). North America dominates the market with the United States of America accounting for one of the major liver cancer therapeutics market shares.  However, the increasing number of liver cancer cases in Asian countries is expected to further fuel the global liver cancer therapeutic market in the coming years.

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