Brand specifics for Pet Food Nutraceuticals Market (The Gen-Z Specific)

Pet Food Nutraceuticals Market – Overview

The period after the turn of the millennium is termed as the Gen-Z era. Different countries have different time periods for the generation era varying anywhere from 1993 upto the present year. The people born during this time are termed as Gen-Z or generation Z. The social attitude of the generation Z is much different from the previous generations. This is something that many markets try to exploit to improve their own sales. These social developments are being utilized to get the attention of the new era of consumers towards out sustenance products. With changing lifestyles leading to smaller families, pets have become a part of several households. This has led to pet nourishment brands changing their point of view in a bid to attract more customers.

It is a widely known fact that the generation Z consists of consumers who make their choices based on brands. An early 21st century study predicted that by this time, the new generation will be able to identify over 100 corporate logos and slogans and this has been proven to be true. The pet owners are also and the same boat and candidly joined to their adored pets and they don’t delay for brands. The presence of a large number of developed brands in the market make way for greater competition among them. New challenger brands are viewed as upstarts and to the generation Z they are not major prospects worth considering unless proven effective. They tend to be loyal to their regular brands rather than take risks with new ones. This ethic can also be extended to the case of pet food nutraceuticals market.

The priorities of pet owners are also changing with pet owners paying more attention to the well-being of their pets. They do not mind spending substantial amounts of money to guarantee the health of their pets. The advertisers are also trying to exploit this same point by claiming that their brands are more wellbeing conscious. The whole marketing ideals of manufacturers has been changed with modern advertisements centred around better health and nutrition prospects and more association with buyers. This is in stark contrast to earlier strategies that involved competitive pricing, larger quantities and so on. The feedback and complaints from consumers are also being heard much more actively in an attempt to make the consumer feel that the brand cares about the well-being of their pets. All these factors together are driving the business development of the pet nutraceutical sustenance market.

The big food companies are expanding their strategies to keep pace with the changing consumption patterns. There is a rising demand for premium eats among all members of the family. The number of people willing to pay a premium price for premium eats is fast rising. Generation wise as well, this figure is rising with 30% of millennials willing to spend compared to the 33% of generation Z. This ethic is also expected to filter down into the food that the consumers provide to their four legged companions. So in short, brand and quality are major concerns for pet owners and this lures them into spending more on premium quality products for their pets.

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