Colorectal Cancer Market and its Growth

Colorectal cancer is any cancer of the colon or the rectum. It is said to be the second most common cancer by the World Health Organization, after lung cancer. It has become a major health concern. The increase in the colorectal cases over the years has also led to the growth of the colorectal cancer market. Diets which contain a high amount of fat and cholesterol lead to increased chances of colorectal cancer. There are several aspects of this illness and this article will explain various aspects of it in detail.

Colorectal Cancer Market by Diagnosis

Colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, digital rectal exams (DRE) and fecal occult blood tests (FOBT) are the tests which are done to diagnose colorectal cancer. These tests in most cases give very accurate results. Colorectal cancer can take years to develop and early detection can help save the person’s life.

Causes of Colorectal Cancer

Mostly a result of an unhealthy diet full of fats, Colorectal Cancer is a serious issue that should make you sit up and take note of your unhealthy lifestyle. Lack of exercise and workouts also contribute to a person developing Colorectal Cancer. Family history is also a key factor as is the case for most types of cancer. If a pervious family member has had the illness, you are advised to get regular checkups.

Risks posed by Colorectal Cancer

Being a male is not advantageous in the case of colorectal cancer as risks are higher in men than in women. Colorectal cancer has led to many deaths too so early diagnosis and immediate treatment is highly recommended.

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Treatment of Colorectal Cancer

Colonoscopy and removal of cancer cells in the first stage is part of the treatment. Later stages need serious surgeries. Surgery is the most common treatment followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Polypectomy (polyp removal) is also a fruitful treatment option for early stages.

The Colorectal Cancer Market

The Colorectal Cancer Market is on the rise due to the increase in cases of Colorectal Cancer around the globe. We will now look at the market in terms of growth, regions and trends.


North America accounts for the highest for Colorectal Cancer Treatment Market, followed by Europe. Colorectal Cancer Market Global Industry Analysis shows that 39,910 new rectal cancer cases is expected to be reported in USA in 2017 which leads to it being such a big consumer. Improved awareness and early detection are also causes for it becoming such a huge aspect of lives in America.


US and Japan are forecast to witness a modest increase in prevalence of the disease, largely as a result of its having already reached epidemic proportions in those countries. Germany and France remain key regions for growth in prevalence. The lack of awareness in underdeveloped countries will pose as a threat to its expansion and development in general. A rise from $8.3 billion in around 2013 to $9.4 billion by the year 2020, is what forecasts show.

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Key companies in this field

Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Taiho Pharmaceutical and Eli Lilly and Company are some of the most prominent companies that deal with Colorectal Cancer. Competent marketing strategies coupled with distribution in the global Colorectal Cancer Treatment Market have led to their immense growth. Geographical expansion is another major factor that they focus on.

In general, the Colorectal Cancer market size is only going to increase as in this globalized interconnected world, awareness can only rise and not decline. As more and more people become aware of the disease and the harm it can cause, they will look for better opportunities of treatment and care. This will only see the Colorectal Cancer Treatment Market growing rapidly around the globe.

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