‘E-Prescription’ to revolutionize ‘TeleMedicine Market’

Telemedicine Market – Overview

What is it all about?

Electronic prescribing, which is more popularly known in the industry as E-Prescribing, is in its most basic essence, a modern technological system that aims to replace the traditional practice of writing prescriptions on paper with an automated computer based input output system through telemedicine. The system was introduced with the purpose of providing better management of medication costs, improving the prescription accuracy and to reduce healthcare related costs and to prevent adverse drug side effects and general medication abuse due to unnecessary prescription of common medications.

Imagine a connected world

Let’s try to understand this concept further. Imagine a world where all the healthcare facilities are connected to each other, hospitals to pharmacies to laboratories to the doctor’s clinic.

Yes! It is for real.

Instead of the conventional process of the doctors writing a prescription for the medicine and then you talking it to the pharmacy and getting the medicine, the doctor just sends electronic data to the nearest pharmacy. This enables them to get the required medicines ready by the time you arrive thereby streamlining the entire process. A well designed e-prescribing system should be equipped to filter medications and select medications according to the need of the hour, print prescriptions, transmit prescriptions and handling all safety checks.

The possible benefits of the system include:

  1. Increased safety and efficiency: Doctors are also human beings and sometimes mistakes are bound to happen. In the traditional pen and paper system, sometimes the bad handwriting which doctors are infamous for can often lead to the pharmacist misinterpreting what was written. This can be completely eliminated via electronic media where no matter how you type it in, the prescription will be clear and easily legible. The system also helps in reducing errors caused due to oral miscommunications and there is also a provision to do a double check at the point of dispatch of medicine thereby keeping a watch over medicine abuse via illegal prescriptions.
  2. Increased Productivity: Before the invention of an e-prescribing system, doctors and their staff had to put in a lot of hours on a daily basis attending calls from pharmacists regarding prescriptions. This adversely affected the productivity of hospitals and clinics. The e-prescribing system helps in solving this problem upto a certain extent and also boosts productivity by saving resources as well as time. This in turn helps the doctors in dispatching faster medical care thereby increasing patient satisfaction.
  3. Increased patient convenience: As mentioned earlier, the patients are saved the trouble of physically carrying the prescription to pharmacies and also saving it for future references. It is also much more convenient and time saving at the pharmacy since the medicines are already kept ready before the patient arrives and in the event the pharmacy does not have the medicine in stock, the patient is saved from making a useless trip. In the event of a future medical complication, the patient files are also available much more readily saving time if the doctors want to know previous medication history of the patient.
  4. Lower medication costs: A much looked over aspect of introducing an e-prescription system is that doctors will be able to prescribe medications that are insurance covered. Mostly the common man is unaware of such a facility. An increase in popularity of such medicines can also result in giving patients access to medicines at a lower cost.

Future Aims of the Market

By the words of John F. Kennedy “Change is the law of life and those who look only into the past or present are certain to miss the future”. But as with the advent of any automated system, a sudden jump from the previous pen and paper system to a computer based prescription can prove to be a difficult task even for the most tech savvy doctors. Sufficient time needs to be given for the adjustment of the daily day to day activities.

In addition to this, another problem is that many e-prescription tools which are available in the market are not user friendly and sometimes required skilled personnel to operate. Granted this is not a problem for well-educated doctors but sometimes they use assistants for several tasks and they may require additional training to operate the software. Same goes for the case of pharmacists. That is why it is becoming difficult for the physicians to adapt to this technology based system. With the advent of mobile devices, the main demand of the hour is to create a system that has provisions to run on mobile devices or tablets for better ease of use for doctors.

The most important need right now is to create a system with cross platform support and one which can be used by doctors or their support staff without much complications or training required. The person who can create a system which works across multiple platforms and is also easy to use will probably end up being very rich. This will also help in the better development of the healthcare industry as well as achieving the overall goal of better patient care.

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