Sepsis Diagnostics Market on the rise with increasing cases of sepsis

Sepsis Diagnostics Market – Overview

The immune system is a vital part of your body. It protects you from both common and fatal diseases. When your body becomes vulnerable to infections, the immune system acts as a shield and minimises the damage.

However, sepsis is a trending disease that is affecting people all over the world. It can be life-threatening and is triggered by the immune system’s negative response to infection. According to the reports of the World Health Organization sepsis is one of the top 3 reasons that are responsible for 13 percent deaths of new-born babies.

Sepsis can be triggered by bacteria, virus, fungus, etc. Thus, the sepsis diagnostics can be in the form of fungal sepsis, bacterial sepsis, viral sepsis and others. Majority of the population suffering from sepsis is affected by bacteria that is followed by the onset of pneumonia, blood infection, urinary infection, etc.

The response of the body to infection is uncontrolled and ends up damaging the own tissues of the body, and leads to increased heart rate, restlessness, painful urination and kidney infections. Severe sepsis can affect the functioning of organs and reduce the flow of blood leading to low blood pressure, poor urination, etc.  However, treatment of sepsis is possible through effective diagnostics.

A large population of the world is getting affected by sepsis, and the sepsis diagnostics market size is a whopping 370 million USD (2016). The compound annual growth rate of the market is 8.8 percent. Sepsis diagnostic tests are common in developed countries as 7 percent of the hospitalized patients develop sepsis. The sepsis diagnostics market is expected to rise to 564 million by 2021.

Early diagnosis can help cure sepsis in its early stages. This would accelerate the process of developing immunity boosters which could be used to combat the root of the issue killing the pathogens in their nascent stages.

Increased business collaborations, global business growth backed by a consistently rising population of patients suffering from sepsis are the factors that are expected to drive the development of the sepsis diagnostics market.

The molecular diagnostics is responsible for effectively detecting sepsis, and the technological advances in molecular diagnostics are expected to yield more accurate results with a faster diagnosis. These advancements will trigger the progress of sepsis diagnostics market in the near future.

The products associated with sepsis diagnostics are available on the counters as reagents, software, assay, etc. The increase in product approvals all over the world backed by the higher usage of assays triggered by rapid commercialization and marketing practices is expected to boost the sepsis diagnostics market in the coming years.

Majority nations have no idea about how to detect sepsis. According to statistics the US leads the sepsis diagnostics market and accounts for the highest annual revenue. However, Asia is dominating the market by volumes. The increase in sepsis infection has accounted for 0.5 million deaths in countries like India, China, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

Increasing health awareness all over the world including developing nations like India and China with huge market potential drive the evolution of septic diagnostics devices. The devices as they can be easily distributed in different health centers without hassles.

Not only advanced medical devices but also research in terms of sepsis has driven experts to arrive at a conclusion that initial diagnosis can be used to assess the cause and relief of sepsis.

The umbilical cord infection is rising at a rapid pace and has mostly affected new-born babies in Nepal, India, and Pakistan. The current trend clearly presents a huge opportunity for the sepsis diagnostics market to expand and reach out to more number of nations.

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