Frozen Bakery Additives: From an essential tool to a multifaceted feature for frozen food

Frozen Bakery Additives Market – Overview

Ever heard of something being designed for a particular purpose and it turning out to be useful for something else completely as an added bonus for the design team. This is exactly what happened in the case of additives. Initially, additives were added to packaged or frozen food products with the sole purpose of increasing the shelf term of the products. Over the years, this functionality has been extended to provide extra flavour, colour, nutrition and so on in addition to the initial benefit of preservation. Recent years have seen the market for frozen food increasing and along with it so have its subsidiary markets. One such market is the frozen food additives market which consists of all the products mentioned above. Among all the processed food industries as well, frozen food remains the fastest growing sector. The entire processed food sector is estimated to near 40 billion USD in net worth at a CAGR of over 7%. In this, the frozen food segment on its own accounts for 8% growth rate. The market for frozen food additives on its own is expected to reach 2 billion USD at a growth rate of almost 7%.

The frozen bakery additives market is increasing due to a number of reasons such as changing consumer preferences, busy lifestyle leading to people preferring quick and ready to eat meals and higher levels of income leading to an overall willingness to spend more on food. As better job opportunities drive the consumers to work longer, it also directly reduces the time they can spend at home leading to a lack of time to cook. This is also balanced out by the extra hours they put granting them extra money which they can spend on these convenience products such as packaged and pre-processed food. All these lead to a higher demand for packaged food. This in turn with the consumers’ demand to have healthier and fresher packaged food items leads to a boon in the frozen food additives market. They give the packaged products a sense of freshness preserving all the goodness as if freshly prepared. It also helps them to stay on the shelf for longer times during the off season. The recent onus of the manufacturers has been to adapt environment friendly packaging practices in addition to making the food healthier.

With a number of manufacturers present in the global frozen bakery additives market as well as several low-key manufacturers also being present in the local markets, all attempts are being made to meet the rising demand of consumers for both frozen food and frozen food additives. The term reasonably priced food has also taken up new definitions with the onset of frozen food items especially in urban areas. They also help restaurants and cafes in saving money on raw materials as they provide the consumer requirements based on the need with minimal food wastage costs.

Other drivers include more people adapting western lifestyles and considering bakery items as a part of a staple diet. Western and European diets have dessert as a course of a meal and this trend is slowly seeping into the developing nations of Asia Pacific and Latin America. One thing that can surely be improved upon in the coming years is innovation in manufacture, packaging and other processes. More attention can be given to research and development of the market. Another challenge that requires attention is finding ways to overcome the physical and chemical changes that package food often undergoes after long periods of storage in sub-optimal conditions. Once these issues are dealt with, the market will have unrestrained growth owing to the large number of favourable factors.  Overall the increasing applications of frozen food additives in several markets presents it with tremendous growth prospects in the coming years.

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