Factors influencing the growth of Turf and Ornamental Grass Protection Market

Turf and Ornamental Grass Protection Market – Overview

Blue might be the most apparent color during the day and black being the major player at night but the human eye has a whole different favorite. Its green, the wavelength corresponding to green is what we respond to the most and prefer to see. Greenery is a natural preference even after mankind has moved to concrete jungle and corporate havens. Architects have been involved in incorporating the color for a better part of a century, from household plants to fully grown bushes on windows, and even whole rooftop gardens. Ornamental Grass came to these architect minds a bit late probably due to the technology to preserve and moving them lagging behind.

Nowadays turf and ornamental grasses are being used everywhere, to make makeshift movie sets to golf courses. They are also used in high-class hotels, in zoos, and in personal houses too. The demand is everywhere since these require minimal caretaking and grow everywhere.

Turf and Ornamental Grass Protection market is a very good example of a niche market that has grown overwhelmingly in the past decade, with demand at an all-time high, the rise of the market is not going to slump for quite a long time. The market is mainly supported by the growing number of golf courses around the world, increasing awareness about quality and safety, and the natural movement away from pesticides due to negative media coverage they have been getting.

Turf and Ornamental Grass Protection market is mainly involved in using bio-pesticides who have almost no say over their more famous, rather infamous traditional counterparts, pesticides. Pesticides still hold a major share worldwide when viewed by use and value. Even though Government guidelines and consumer sentiments are playing a vital part in heavy-lifting the bio-pesticides market and Numerous countries have come up with strict laws related to the curbing of pesticide use to counter environmental damage.

Caring for ornamental grasses has itself become a huge activity with several blogs and articles online to help one in search for growing and maintaining their own lush green bushes. Also Increasing consumer alertness regarding ornamental grasses is expected to be dominant increasing the demand. Presence of various varieties for all seasons and weather is another major driver for this market.  Research and development costs along with maintenance costs coupled with the absence of the market in developing countries are stunting the market growth.

North America and Europe dominate the pesticides volumetric share globally, these are used in maintaining Turf & Ornamental Grasses, and given the prevalence of golf courses and gardens in these regions it comes as no surprise that they are leading the market in this sector. Even Though selected areas in Asia-Pacific and Latin America have been aggressively promoting lifestyle sports and tourism by planting larger areas of golf courses and gardens, it will take these regions sometime before they are in competition with the already established regions. This enthusiastic promotion of sports has, therefore resulted in these regions being the fastest growing ones.

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