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Filling Equipment Market


Filling Equipment – Meaning and Origins

Filling equipment or filling machines are also known as fillers are that equipment or machines that are used to fill a variety of products such liquids, tablets, pastes, granules, powders and others. Filling equipment has variety of industrial applications such as filling fuels, bottle fillings, cartage fillings, petrochemicals and other products. The filling equipments are being extensively used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry. Ever since the industrial revolution, filling equipment or machines was among the first industrial applications used on a large scale.

By the end of the 20th century, filling equipment is being used for a variety of applications with leading players in the manufacturing industry (filling equipment segment) focusing on improvement of their packaging machinery and services. The demand and importance of filling equipment are gradually increasing with the use of filler machines increasing day by day and serving many industries.

Filling equipment is helping in the automation of several agricultural processes such as water filtration and being used by a majority of pharmaceutical companies as well. The global filling equipment market was valued worth US$6.65 billion in 2016. This market is expected to reach US$9.11 billion by the end of 2021 with a CAGR of 6.5%.  The growth in the global filling equipment market can be attributed to factors as mentioned herein below-

  • The growing demand for consumer goods requiring qualitative packaging standards
  • The changing lifestyles of the people in the form of demand for small size food and beverage packs that are easy to carry and handle have increased.
  • The increased adoption of energy-efficient machines is propelling the growth of the global filling equipment market.
  • Companies are now more focused on improving their product portfolio by implementing new packaging techniques thereby increasing the demand for packaging robots from several end user industries.
  • Packaging machines are playing a key role in ensuring product safety and security throughout the supply chain creating new growth opportunities in the global filling equipment.

Types of Filling Equipment – A brief summary of filling equipment-

There are several types of filing equipment used by industries across different sectors and these include-

  • Auger or agitator filling/powder filling machines – Auger machines are designed to fill dry mixes or products such as flour, sugar etc. These fillers or filling machines have a hopper-shaped like a cone that holds the mix and puts in it a pouch using an auger screw controlled by an agitator. The mix is then filled in a pouch made of paper or poly that is formed in a collar and then the pouch is sealed by a series of dies and heaters.
  • Flow filling machines – Flow filling machines are also known as Bottle Filling machines or bottle fillers are used for filling different types of liquids into bottles, vials etc of different sizes and dimensions. Some of the flow filling machines includes automatic filling machines for bottles, filling machines for vials, semi-automatic bottle filling machines, semi-automatic filling machines for vials etc.
  • Tablet or capsule fillers – Tablet filler machines also known as capsule filling machines are designed for products that can be counted by pieces instead by weight. These capsule filling machines are extensively used by pharmaceutical companies and by small and medium sized enterprises engaged in the production of different types of medicinal products and confectionery items such as candies, lollypops etc. The capsule filling machines are further separated into two categories as per their capabilities to produce such as for Soft Gel capsules and Hard Gel capsules.
  • Net weight fillers – This type of fillers are machines that weight commodities prior to filling and are capable of handling heavy powders and granular products. They have the capability of offsetting the inconsistencies in irregularly shaped granules even these filling equipment or machines may perform quite slowly when compared with capsule fillers and agitator filling machines.

The global filling equipment is playing a crucial role in packaging different types of products as packaging plays a pivotal role in the success of food and beverage brands. Asia-Pacific region has emerged as the most dominant region for the global filling equipment even though North America has the largest market share due to an increasing demand for packaging equipment and new filing technology development taking place in this region.

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