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Frozen Bakery Additives Market – Overview

Everyone has a sweet tooth when it comes to bakery products. This is also evident when it comes to markets. The frozen bakery items segment is at the epitome of the frozen food industry when it comes to annual growth. The growth rates are well over 7% and is expected to cross 8% in coming years. The market value is expected to cross well over 40 billion USD by the year 2023 with the current rate of development. These figures may even prove underwhelming as even the rate of growth is also rising substantially. A busy schedule, embracing the western culture, lack of time to cook and changing consumer preference. This all spells ideal territory for the growth of the frozen food market and the packaged food market as well. The latter is the topic for another discussion while here we look at the frozen food market. The segment leading the charge in terms of sheer market value is not bakery products on the other hand. This isn’t surprising since bakery products aren’t exactly what makes a staple food source. Still it does have a solid market share of around 10%. The bakery additive market is a small part of the frozen bakery segment. Its growth rates are also quite promising with it being just under 7%. The market share is also expected to cross 2 billion USD by 2023.

So why is this segment dominating?

            Food additives were primarily introduced with the purpose of better shelf life in mind. But being the intellectual beings we are, we have perfected the application of additives to provide additional benefits such as better flavour, texture, colour and other aesthetic and aromatic improvements. The current scenario sees the frozen bakery additives market as an integral part of meeting the nutritional requirements around the world. Convenience products are also increasingly turning out to be a hot segment for new product developments and research.

The number of applications that are there for frozen bakery additives market are numerous. To list some that our report covers: Frozen cakes, frozen pizza, frozen pastries, frozen breads and buns and so on. They are used to keep the shelf life of the products at an acceptable standard. Helping maintain freshness is yet another claimed advantage of using frozen food additives but studies have proved that up until now there is no technique that keeps the same amount of freshness in a product as compared to it being freshly prepared. Inspite of being just a small segment of the frozen food market, these irreplaceable features mean that the frozen bakery additive market is set to grow at a speedy rate. The numerous applications listed above show the growing demand for frozen bakery food and the fact that it cannot be prepared without frozen bakery additives.

The market is influenced by the increasing health concerns among consumers. There is also a call for more nutritious and healthier frozen foods with better quality ingredients as well. Among the different segments mentioned earlier, the frozen cake segment accounts for a major part with X% of the total market share coming from the sector. Frozen cakes are demanded in especially large quantities with the advent of holiday season. These ready-made and ready to eat frozen food trend, the frozen cakes, and pastries manufacturing industry is offering consumers with innovative and additional meal options.

Looking at the companies in the sector, a pattern emerges where mergers and acquisitions are a major part of operating criteria. This has given a new shape to the frozen pastry and cakes manufacturing industry. The industry is also finding several tie-ups with the commercial baking industry to churn out better products. This also encourages innovations at the point of production itself. All in all, the market is one that people looking to entire into the Food and Beverages segment can wholeheartedly invest in.

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