How does the future look for Cold Plasma Market?

Cold plasma technology which is yet in the development stage has started finding applications in the industry. The world cold plasma market of cold plasma technology is growing at the rate of 16.2 % CAGR. In 2016 the market worth was 1.38 billion US dollars. By 2021 the market is expected to grow to 2.92 billion US dollars. Before understanding the applications of cold plasma technology let us first understand what cold plasma is or for that matter what is plasma?

Most of us know that matter exists in three states that are solid, liquid and gas. Up till recently, Plasma was also thought of as a gaseous state of matter but due to significant differences from the gaseous state of matter Physicists started calling this particular state of matter as Plasma. Plasma is also known as the fourth state of matter in Physics parlance. The plasma state occurs beyond the gaseous state. It is said that 99 percent of the universe is natural plasma. The sun and the stars are natural plasma.

What happens to matter in the plasma state? Well in the plasma state matter breaks down into free ions and highly reactive particles. Plasma contains positive and negative charge particles, photons and also neutral particles.

So what is the importance of Plasma? The highly reactive particles in the Plasma can combine with most micro-particles including micro-organisms and make them inactive or harmless. In order to study the properties of Plasma scientists started making man-made plasma in the lab also called cold plasma.

Cold plasma can be made with gasses at low temperatures by passing a voltage through them. The electric field generated due to the applied voltage accelerates the free electrons in the gas which collide with the atoms and knocks out electrons out of them and thereby ionizes them. So a great knocking game ensues at the sub-molecular level which spreads through the entire matter, and the overall impact at the visible level is that we get a state called Plasma.

The Plasma created in labs was made to undergo several experiments and prove several theories. One theory was that Plasma had the capacity to annihilate pathogens and microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. In journals, we can find experiments conducted in labs where petri dishes containing pathogen like E Coli was taken, and after exposing them to Plasma, the pathogens were destroyed. The theory of scientists was proved right, and the idea soon started picking up. Plasma was found to annihilate most known harmful micro-organisms including the bacteria and funguses.

This was a great invention, and soon a Plasma torch was devised. Put on the Plasma torch on any surface, and the micro-organisms on the surface can be destroyed within 60 to 180 seconds of cold plasma exposure. The photon energy emitted by the plasma torch can break most organic bonds like C-C, C-H, C-O, and C-N. The oxygen ions carry out the further cleansing activity as these combine rapidly with other ions of the contaminating micro-particles to form H2O, CO or CO2.

The food industry requires adherence to high health standards. Currently, the food industry uses several other means to mitigate pathogens existing in the food matter. Especially the frozen food segment largely uses pathogen annihilation devices to make the frozen food safe for long time consumption. Other decontamination technologies in vogue are UV technology, pulsed light, and microbial decontamination.

Cold Plasma technology has several advantages including the cost advantages. Manufacturing cold plasma is relatively inexpensive. Cold plasma can be applied by means of a simple torch. Temperature requirements are easily achievable. Surface decontamination occurs in very less time in the dry state, and the food matter remains otherwise unaffected. The nutrients and vitamins remain unaffected due to different molecular chemistry from the pathogens.

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