Water Enhancers Market gaining prominence with growing demand for healthy drinks

World over people have developed a preference for non-carbonated enhanced waters fortified with vitamins and minerals and sweetened by low-calorie sweeteners. And this preference is reflected in the form of a 1.2 billion dollars water enhancers market, growing at the rate of 12.5 % CAGR and expected to reach the 2.2 billion dollars mark in the next five years.

Factors Behind Rising Preference For Enhanced Water Drinks

The main factors linked with rising preference for enhanced water drinks have been identified as follows:

  • Rise in obesity all over the world
  • Avoidance of carbonated drinks (carbonated drinks linked to obesity)
  • Preference for health over taste

Types of Enhanced Water Drinks

Manufacturers of enhanced water drinks are offering different types of enhanced water drinks, and these include:

  • Energy drinks
  • Natural ingredients based drinks (fruit based)
  • Artificial ingredients based drinks
  • Sweetener based drinks (natural/artificial sweeteners)
  • Tea and coffee-based drinks
  • Coconut water drinks

Since the process of enhancing water is easier and water can dissolve many different ingredients, there is a good scope of offering variety. After a workout people may reach out for an energy-based water enhanced drink. Health conscious people may opt for enhanced water drinks high on natural ingredient count and low-calorie count. Many people won’t mind having sweetened and artificially flavored water now and then or a stimulating beverage based water drink.

Water Enhancers Industry Features

The enhanced water market holds good scope for industry players as the market size is large and preferences are varied. At present Coca-Cola Company, Pepsi Company, Arizona Beverages, Nestle and Kraft foods constitute the well known global industry players in this market. Besides these global players, there are several local firms which make enhanced water drinks which are made available in the local markets and are also exported to different regions of the world.

The factors that make the enhanced water drink market attractive include:

  • Large market size
  • Scope for differentiation
  • Rising preference for enhanced water drinks
  • Decreasing preference for carbonated drinks
  • Ease of manufacturing
  • Ease of exporting

Water Enhancers Industry Analysis

An in-depth market and industry analysis of the enhanced water drink market would provide valuable quantitative data concerning the following:

  • Demand for different varieties/segment size: it is not sufficient to know about the different varieties on sale but also how much is being demanded of each variety.
  • Growth in each variety/segment growth: a particular variety may be selling high but show low growth estimates, whereas another may be selling low but may have high growth potential.
  • Global market size: global market size stated in quantitative terms provides specific planning inputs.
  • Regional and local market size: quantitative data on regional and local market size enables specific regional and local planning.
  • Regional and local market growth suggests specifically market attractiveness, saturation or non-saturation and the overall scope.

The insights gained from an in-depth analysis of the enhanced water drinks market would provide valuable inputs to industry players for goal-based planning.

To Conclude…….

People are sure developing a preference for non-carbonated readymade drinks due to health reasons. This surely indicates a growing demand for healthy water enhanced drinks low on sugar, sweetened with natural sweeteners which have proven safety standards, unlike the artificial sweeteners.

Yet demand for other categories of enhanced water drinks cannot be ruled out especially if they are rightly marketed, like the energy drinks which can contain sugar or glucose as they are needed for providing energy. The market for enhanced water drinks is quality conscious hence industry players would need to ensure supply of quality certified enhanced water drinks.

A detailed report on enhanced water markets would enable industry players to:

  • Decide on variety/varieties of proposed product
  • Decide on ingredients in the proposed product variety
  • Correctly market the proposed product
  • Set up efficient production process
  • Set up seamless supply chains
  • Estimate cash inflows and outflows
  • Estimate Returns on Investment
  • Estimate breakeven point

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