Animal Healthcare Market – A Scottish View

Scotland Animal Healthcare Market – Overview

The Kansa City Animal Health Corridor is quite well known among those keeping a tab on the animal health care market. The Kansas corridor is the epicenter of all the organizations related to healthcare in North America, accounting for greater than 80 percent of the revenue generated in animal healthcare in North America annually. The corridor functions by providing the interested stake holders with a common ground for interaction and collaboration with top notch market/industry leaders which aids in the growth of the company. The above is an example from North America, but on the same lines, similar developments are taking place in the country of Scotland to translate it into a hub of healthcare for animals in Europe.

The building blocks to help make Scotland the ideal center for aquaculture research and animal healthcare have already been laid. The demographics of the country also aid in the process as about 50 percent of the spending on veterinary healthcare of the United Kingdom if being offered to Scotland. Furthermore, the ample availability of natural for the prospering of the industry is one of the major factors for the choice of Scotland to be established as the European epicenter for veterinary health care. The Roslin Institute has helped in generating annual profits of more than £250 million in the arenas of genetic and breeding research. Also, there are more than a thousand researchers in the country working on the innovation of the veterinary healthcare industry. Vaccines used for the immunization of respiratory problems in sheep and cattle were first created in Scotland. The high availability of skilled labor, good infrastructure and rapid innovation in R&D are the major factors, which, coupled with the steps being taken by the Scottish government, are expected to yield positive results in establishing Scotland as the hub for animal health care in Europe.

There are quite a number of world renowned companies in the animal healthcare industry in Scotland. The Fish Vet Group, which is a subsidiary of Benchmark Holdings, is one of them. The Fish Vet Group has begun operations on a fish farm in the coastal areas of Scotland and has now robustly expanded into a global leader of health services for aquatic animals. Favorable demographics offered by the country have surely aided the company in its journey onward to become a global leader in the market. Furthermore, Veterinary diagnostics, healthcare, and environmental aspect control are among a few services offered by the company. Recently, the company was in the news for the launch of its operations in Thailand, which is one of the largest aquaculture markets on the planet. Top notch researchers are being attracted to work for the company to innovate and further its operations. The world renowned Salmonid Specialist Dr. Marian McLoughlin, is among the latest minds to join the company, which speaks a lot about the brand of the company. The company also acquired Vet Aqua International, which is an Ireland based company, which has further established their position in the market. The company’s presence has now expanded to Ireland, Thailand, Norway, and the USA, all of which are seasoned markets which will undoubtedly aid the company in furthering its ambitions.

One of the major factors which aided the global growth of The Fish Vet Group was the very supportive government policies which provided the required resources for the company to grow and even acquire other market players. Keeping in mind the increasing demand pressures in the veterinary healthcare market it can be concluded that Scotland is one of the growing hotspots of animal health care in the world. The case study of The Fish Vet group can act as example for other market players to launch their business operations in the country.

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