A look into the Regenerative Medicine Market

Regenerative Medicine Market – An Overview

Regenerative Medicines are medicines that restore normal functions to damaged or impaired cells and tissues. These medicines can be used to replace or repair or regenerate humans cells and tissues or even organs affected because of injuries, diseases, congenital defects or the plain old aging process of the body. Regenerative medicines are also used when there is a damage due to trauma as in accidents or concussions.

Regenerative medicines are obtainable in diverse types such as being related to either genes, the somatic cells or the ever famous stem cells. Regenerative Medicines such as Stem cells have the ability to proliferate and differentiate which means they can work on their own once released into the host, somehow they just know how to restore the original structure of cells or tissues or organs.

Regenerative medicines are used in varied range of degenerative disorders which include but are not limited to cardiovascular (heart related), neurodegenerative diseases, dermatological (skin related), and orthopedic (bone related). The aim of regenerative medicines is to provide effective healthcare treatments to patients.

The rising demand which is for biologically derived materials has resulted into the growth of regenerative medicine. Growing technological advancements which involves nanotechnology based tissue engineering, and increased response from the government to promote tissue engineering for the progress of advanced therapies is one of the leading driver of the regenerative medicines market.

In addition, growing use of regenerative medicines in cancer research and related drug discovery, increased rate and ease of organ transplantations, and increasing healthcare expenditure have further stimulated the growth of the regenerative medicines market. Though the presence of strict regulatory policies for tissue engineered products & cell-based products which take into account the severe ethical issues surrounding the use of human tissue have severely stunted the market growth globally. Also certain post-implantation infections as well as complications and the high cost for the research & development of cell-based products such as stem cells are the restraints in this market.

Regenerative medicines market comprises of product, therapy, and application. There are cell-based products and acellular products. Of which, cell-based products segment have the larger share of the regenerative medicines market globally by product. Furthermore, Cell-based products segment is also classified into autologous and allogeneic products. Based on therapy, the market is segmented as cell therapy, gene therapy, tissue engineering, and immunotherapy. Cell therapy holds the major share in the market type.

The market when looked into on the basis of application is segmented as orthopedic & musculoskeletal spine, dermatology, central nervous system, cardiovascular, oncology, diabetes, and other applications. Among these, orthopedic & musculoskeletal spine is estimated to command the largest share of the global regenerative medicines market.

North America is estimated to have the highest share in the global regenerative medicines market for some time whereas Asia-Pacific will be the fastest to grow.

(U.S.), Celgene Corporation (U.S.), StemCells, Inc. (U.S.), NuVasive, Inc. (U.S.), Vericel Corporation (Genzyme) (U.S.), Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd. (JapanAdvantagene, Inc. (U.S.), are the major players in this segment who are driving the innovation in the Regenerative Medicines Market.

Regenerative Medicines are being developed throughout the globe and are also sought after by various orgnaisations for their healing properties. Though there are ethical issues surrounding the use of some of them, Government and industries are both working together to come to a feasible solution.

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