Growth prospects of Biobanks Market

Biobanks Market – Overview

Biobanks are not only upsetting medical research and drug development but as of now are also the best road to the open doors of capital opportunity. Why are Biobanks mushrooming and what are their advantages? Are they a decent speculation?

What are these Biobanks?

Repositories that are used to store biological specimen (usually human) like blood, plasma, DNA, tissues and organs, are known as Biobanks. More recently, umbilical cord banks, egg banks and sperm banks have become very popular.

They were begun for scientists to access biological information for disease research purposes (for the most part hereditary). Furthermore, now they are utilized for research as well as for drug research, improvement of customized medicine and stem cell therapy. The best case to show the advantage of Biobanks in research is the situation of Henrietta Lacks, who surrendered to a forceful type of cervical cancer, however, her cells (HeLa) are utilized till date for research and improvement of immunizations for polio, cancer and AIDS. There are egg banks and sperm banks that store the individual biological examples with the end goal of in-vitro fertilization and research.


The Biobanking market is growing at a CAGR of 7.6% over the period 2016 -2021.It is estimated to be worth USD 259.91 million by 2021.

The high frequencies of diseases like cancer and the increase in other endless diseases, all warrant a requirement for undertakings like Biobanks that add to the on-going therapeutic research. Biobanks give key information on genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and epidemiology for the revelation of novel drug targets and advances in restorative medical research like customized medicine.

The cord banks have turned out to be well known as more number of parents who now need to invest into these, to safeguard the umbilical lines of their babies in the event of stem cell treatments required later on. Egg and sperm banks have picked up prevalence with ladies and men who are confronting fertility debilitating medications or the individuals who simply need to safeguard their egg or sperms for utilization when they are better arranged to begin a family.

Biobanking sector not just requires innovative gear for cryo conservation of biological examples but also additionally requires the foundations for services and storage, for example, successful information management, sample accumulation and handling. There is additional requirement for systems administration and information flow between various biobanks, healthcare setups and research associations to guarantee that the information accessible is utilized for greater purposes. The developing biobanking market brings with it an opportunity for the development of the submarkets related with it.

The Dark Side

There are various moral and legal issues related with biobanking. As of late, an informed assent of the patients is being taken amid sample accumulation. There is a continual danger of abuse of the material gathered for medicinal research without the assent of the contributor. There is no legitimate or regulatory framework ensuring the secrecy of the giver.

With each new account made in a blood donation center, the measure of data gathered and put away increments in quanitity. The banks need to innovate better data administration and storage to forestall the loss of data, altering or its mix up.

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