Medical Tourism Market – what to look out for

Medical tourism is not to be considered as a path to spread the health care services outside of their own country. In addition to that for the third world countries this presents a great opportunity to get better off. If we see this in the sense whether it helps local tourism, it is yet to be decided.

medical tourism market

Patients travel abroad looking for a better quality of healthcare services that are reasonable in price, and accessibilty of care, yet the fundamental reason to go to an underdeveloped nation is the cost. In most of the developing nations, one can have real surgery for a little level of the cost as of in the U.S., European countries, singapore among other nations. Most elective surgery, for example, surgeries related to dermatology, certain dental surgeries, and even treatments like hip replacements – are not shrouded by insurance companies in U.S. Whatever the case may be if the cost is much lower abroad, you may choose to make a trip for surgery.

There are a large number of other streams of medical treatments like issues related to fertility, cancer treatments or some other therapeutic services that are not covered by insurance companies or not approved in United states of America or in other developed countries. If a couple is desperate to conceive a baby, or a patient chronically ill willing to participate in experiments may find it very attractive by their offers from developed or underdeveloped countries.

The countries dealing with the problem of monopoly in health insurance, the growth of medical tourism market is a boon. In such nations, surgeries that are not life-threatening may land you in a position where you have to wait for months or may be years. A large number of patients may count medical tourism a better option. A major surgery in U.S costs a fortune compared to prices in developing countries like India, china among others. Medical tourism is more than a individual decision now a days.

The so called places which we like to bring in the discussion of “great” medical tourism destinations differs every year, and a large part of this quest is concluded by the kind of treatment or surgery. There is no one country as a perfect destination for medical tourism, yet,  India, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Thailand, Cameroon, Malaysia and South Korea keep appearing as the hottest results any time we dwell into this matter.

There are two factors which are influencing the medical tourism on a large basis:

Quality of the services related to different injuries, diseases is the first because the prices of treatments may vary drastically from one country to other and may be some are better in providing service for a particular ailment.

Cost is the second as the costs in developing and third world countries are not same due of the fact that some might provide better facilities at same cost.

The worldwide market of medical tourism is classified in view of treatment sort (treatments related to dermatology, dental treatment, cardiovascular treatment, hip replacements, bariatric surgery, joint or bone replacements, Issues related to fertility, eye surgeries and others) and land locales. Cosmetic medicinal facilities hold the biggest piece of the overall industry, as these surgeries are not secured by insurance companies.

The risks involved with medical tourism as issued by CDC:

  • Language is the most important concern as the physician might not understand the situation completely.
  • Drugs that are not regulated or of poor quality
  • Resistance to anti-biotic is more in different countries.
  • Supply of blood is questionable.
  • Risk of blood clotting due to travelling right after surgery.
  • Diseases that are transferred through reused syringes, like HIV etc.

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