Organic Meat Demand drives the Feed Phytogenics Market

The natural substitutes which are made from a variety of spices and herbs, which are commonly used as promoters of antibiotic growth in the animal nutrition industry are known as feed phytogenics. The major functions of these include palatability enhancing, digestive stimulant, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and immunostimulative properties. Which are required in the maintenance of animal health in large scales of livestock production.

The growth of the phytogenics market is majorly driving on the upsurge in demand for organic meat. Increasing health awareness among consumers coupled with the leaps in compound feed production are the factors behind the increased demand. The global organic meat market is led by the United states of America.

The global livestock industry if also supported by the higher preference of westernized diets couple with the rapidly increasing population numbers. In the developing regions, consumers’ willingness to spend supported by the growing disposable incomes is leading the growth, in the South America and Asia Pacific regions. The above leads to changes in food habits and rising preference for meat based products in countries having very high population numbers, which leads to rapid industrialization leading to advancement in compound feeds, which consequently leads to higher demand for phytogenics.

Efficiency and Dosage Level of Phytogenics

The feed additive phytogenics consist of various spices, herbs, and oil extracted products. The demand for feed phytogenics is rapidly increasing with the growing preference for organically and naturally meat products among consumers. The major factors driving market growth include the rise in production of livestock, compound feed production innovation, and upsurge in demand for organic meats. The market faces constraints in the form of low awareness relating to the usage of product and regulation barriers. Further, the impact of phytogenic on livestock varies with the amount of dosage, couple with the fact there have been incidences of negative side effect, which hamper the growth of the market.

The primary ingredients of phytogenics which are herbs and spices also contain antimicrobial properties which enhances the risk of their consumption. Further, unforeseen consequences arise as a result of the interaction of phytogenics with other feed components in a compound feed.

The other major restraint faced by the market is the problem related to dosage, as studies have shown that overdose leads to harmful effects on livestock. This has prompted strict regulation from governmental agencies. The regulation is surpassed only when the compound feed meets the approved standard and proves other physical properties, which give proper knowledge of its action, hence proving it safe for daily use.

Phytogenics in Europe

One of the major opportunities for the market in phytogenics is the ban enforced on the use of antibiotics as growth promoters by the EU. This has led to many of the major corporations which used the method for their livestock to look for alternative techniques. The phytogenic market has a huge opportunity in this matter. Furthermore, the increasing costs of other antibiotic and natural feed also provide an opportunity for the growth and expansion of the phytogenics market. This is because the production of phytogenics which involve the use of herbs and spices is a relatively simpler and cheaper process, which not only makes the production process economical but also stabilizes the prices.

The region of Europe is anticipated to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period, with North America being the runner up. The highest CAGR of Europe is majorly owing to the antibiotic ban imposed by the EU which encompasses major countries like UK, Germany, France, Spain, etc.

The use of phytogenic additive feeds not only aids the farmers in the management of their cost of production but also optimizes the performance of animals. It serves the dual purposes of environmental stability while also helping the farmers in staying profitable. The major players in the market include Delacon Biotechnik, Biomin, Danisco, Pancosma SA, and others. The most prevalent strategy among the competitors is to gain advantage in competition by expanding in untapped markets through the strategies of acquisition and by joint ventures. The supply and demand in the market are balanced by partnerships and agreements among market players. Another strategy includes the introduction of latest and more efficient products.

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