The pilot market for Frozen Bakery Additives – Emulsifers

Frozen Bakery Additives Market – Overview

Frozen bakery items are an integral part of the modern lifestyle and as such, frozen bakery additives market are also thriving as a result. Between 2017 and 2023, they are expected to grow at rate of roughly 7%. The market figures predicted for 2023 are along the tones of 2 billion USD. There is an ever increasing interest in the market globally and this interest is also backed up by the increasing needs of buyers. As more and more countries adopt a western way of life, the whole ready to eat food as well as packaged frozen food market shows an expanding interest. Changing lifestyles have led to a hectic schedule being followed by most people and simply do not have the required time and energy to return from work and cook. This recently acquired mentality of consumers is leading to an increased development in the field.

Several innovations are present in the frozen bakery additives market in an attempt to attract customers. Variations in colours, flavours and even technical aspects like enzymes, reducing agents and oxidizing agents are all being tinkered with in an attempt to capture the attention of prospective customers. A sector of consumers that has still not been acquired by the industry is the health conscious type. Health conscious people still view additives as a section of chemicals whose consumption is taboo for their healthy lifestyle. Whereas this perception isn’t necessarily wrong, the unhealthy nature of additives is vastly blown out of scale. The market segmentation is also based on the above mentioned product types, the main segments being Emulsifiers, Colours and Flavours, Enzymes, Oxidising and Reducing Agents and Preservatives. Of these segments, the emulsifier segment further trickles down into Mono and Di-Glyceride varieties and Lecithin. The preservatives segment also has a few sub segments in Ascorbic acid, Sorbic acid and L-Cysteine.

Whereas there is no clear market share holder due to changing market characteristics, there has emerged a recent winner in emulsifiers. As the need of the hour is to prolong shelf life of packaged food products without adversely affecting the consumability, emulsifiers have come into prominence. Both acids and additives are available to be used as emulsifiers due to their respective properties. A common example of an acid being used for its preservative properties is the case of lactic acid being used as a major ingredient in the frozen bakery products industry. The emulsifier segment is albeit second on the list of market share holders. This is solely because of the reason that ‘Other Additives’, which is a segment consisting of all the additives that cannot be classified specifically under anything is the largest segment. The sheer number of products that are classified in this segments enable it to outnumber the emulsifiers market share. But for all practical purposes, emulsifiers is still considered as the largest market share holder among dedicated segments.         As the world markets continue to witness a rise in the bakery additives market, both in number of products as well as market demand, innovations seem to be the way to go to for manufacturers to capture the attention of consumers. Consumers are always on the lookout for more competitively priced frozen bakery products and we can safely say that the demand for the same will keep growing with no signs of slowing down. Since the additives are most important part for the bakery industry, its demand for functions is not going to decrease at all in the coming time. The demand is going to increase tremendously during the forecast period.

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