Poultry sector driving the growth of compound feed market

Compound feed Market

Compound Feed Market – An Overview

Compound feed is a composition of various ingredients in proper ratios. These feed are customized in order to provide them as food supplements to the cattle, poultry and other farm animals.It can largely comprise grains, bran, meal cakes, oilseeds, molasses, which are further compressed and made available in the form of pellets, crumbles, mash or even cubes. Supplementary feed options are usually manufactured for adult animals only. However, a growing livestock population has created a demand that requires being met at a faster pace.

As a result, a global compound feed market which was worth USD 496.4 billion in 2016 is expected to reach USD 537.4 billion by 2021. A CAGR of 1.60% is predicted to drive the potential markets in the Asia Pacific. Growing feed production, increasing awareness, and concern about livestock health are excepted to drive the growth in ways more than one.

Geographically, North America is a front-runner due to more awareness. Poultry is the highest growing segment. However, an increasing demand for animal-based products in other territories and an increasing disposable income is expected to bring out unexpected players into the foreground.2016 was a year where compound feed saw a higher production rate. Emerging economies need cost-effective composite feed option such that animals get the required nutrition. Properly fed livestock has a greater lifespan, better physiological processes and also churns out a better progeny which otherwise can decline.

Nevertheless, the compound feed has vitamins and mineral supplements which improves the muscle structure. Organic meat is in demand across the globe. Local produce is desirable, but a better feed process also adds to enhancing the marbling in food products such as beef, pork, so on and so forth.Cost of raw material is definitely a challenge, and most feed producers might be lured towards using synthetic options. However, a shorter market duration and manufacturing feed material on the farm can result in a purer result and additionally force farmers to choose alternative organic options.

Compound feed market is not limited to a cattle population alone. It can be extended to a plethora of animals such as swine, poultry, aquaculture and even your pets. Compound feed has to be broken down in terms of nutrition requirements and size depending on the animal targeted. For example, the feed for swine would be drastically different from those of crustaceans for obvious reasons.

Studies show that the milk output per cow in Ireland has reached new highs after the population was fed compound feed. A quality output is desirable. As an incentive, the quantity of output surged no less than 64% during the initial phase of implementation. Not only did the farm gate milk rate saw a hike in price, but also saw a linear increase in the demand for compound feed.Modernization in the compound feed industry is welcomed by developing countries and emerging economies. Populations depend largely on dairy products and treat livestock as a major source of protein. A healthier practice at the source can help in developing quality end products in the form of milk, meat, eggs, and even other supplements.

A strong compound feed market is a potential ground for developing complementary markets such as feed additives, feed enzymes, feed minerals and other potential markets. Compared to a purely organic feed market, compound feed is more popular among farmers due to its cost-effective features. Cattle Supplementary feed has to be rich in nutrients to support a better composition of blood.

A potential niche market is just waiting to be discovered in terms of flour, feed, and baking. Commercial manufacturing of compound feed on a large scale is still a distant dream for most developing economies. However, the trend is soon to gain traction due to an increasing demand.

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