Regional Scenario of Mycotoxin Detoxifiers Market

Mycotoxin Detoxifiers Market – An Overview

The mycotoxins detoxifier market is one of the few mature specialist markets that exist today. In essence, mycotoxin detoxifiers are substances added to animal feed with the aim of preventing the feed from being contaminated by mycotoxins. This is the roots of the name as well. Mycotoxins are known to negatively affect animal health and so their management under acceptable levels is of the utmost importance. The severity of the adversities may range from simple problems such as more susceptibility to diseases to complex ones such as reproductive capacity loss and organ damage.

The global market is dominated by North America with the major players being US followed by Canada. With the market saturating in recent times, innovations and new products are needed to get back consumer attention and maintain the sustainability of market. The major driver of the market is the recent increased demand for meat and its derivatives. Meat consumption around the region has increased and also there is a demand for high quality meat. A high rate of consumption of meat has been directly linked to higher demand for detoxifiers. Other drivers include increasing awareness among animal husbandry practitioners and increasing consumer health consciousness. The market is especially boosted in the American continent by the outbreak of diseases in the region, most recently in Canada.

Another major player in the global scene is Europe. The market has a significant global share inspite of strict regulations in the animal feed market. The European Union closely monitors the feed market as well as the consumption rates. The main aim is to protect the human population from animal borne diseases and contamination. Similar to the American market, the increased meat prices as well as the high demand for the same are major drivers for the European market as well. Additionally, the European region also focuses on research and development in the field. The major market players are also changing their strategy to develop better products in the field in addition to extending operations to other regions. The key players in the European Union are Germany, UK and France with Italy also showing promise. As far as market shares are concerned, Germany, France and UK dominate. UK in addition to being the major market in Europe is also one of the biggest markets on the global scenario. Germany is also one of the leading consumers of detoxifiers globally. France which is the leading meat producer of meat in the European Union is yet another interesting investment prospect for the detoxifier market.

When it comes to rate of growth globally, Asia Pacific dominates most markets and it is the same case with mycotoxin detoxifiers. The rapid growth can be attributed to several factors in addition to the obvious ones. The ones most relevant to this region are the rise in the middle class population, greater disposable incomes and developing economies. India and China are the main markets in the region. As far as segments are concerned, the Asia Pacific region gets most of its revenue from the poultry and swine segment. A mentionable part of the revenue also comes from aqua culture, which is a rapidly growing segment in the region. All this has made Asia Pacific the target region for many international market players.

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