Turf & Ornamental Inputs Market – Key Player Lookup

Turf & Ornamental Inputs Market – Overview

The global market of turf and ornamental inputs is dominated by the presence of a few selected and also some regional players, which are primarily involved in the business of protection of crops. The dominance of the market by a few selective players leads to co-operation with local and smaller players for the tapping and acquisition of newer markets. The developed and seasoned markets of the regions of the US and EU are the leaders in the global market. The major strategy in these areas has been the acquisition of local players to capitalize on untapped markets, by the dominating market players.

The global turf and ornamental inputs market is also dominated by the pioneering giants of chemical inputs, which include the likes of Bayer CropSciences, BASF, Monsanto, Dow Agro, and Syngenta. These companies gain revenue majorly from the provision of fertilizers and pesticides. The above mentioned market players account for more than 75 percent of the total market share. These giants have majorly focused on the development of specific chemicals, genetic traits, and seeds, which have been produced to serve a particular function.

The core strategy being employed in the current scenario has been the enhancement of strength and expansion of product lines by the techniques of acquisition and mergers. For instance, DuPont turf was acquired by Syngenta in the product range of insecticides. The development of the innovative Award II ant bait with the primary constituent being abamectin was a direct consequence of this deal.

However, better prospects of the market lie in the caveats of innovative developments of products rather than only acquisition strategies which aid market pioneers to expand their market cap. The future of the input industry demands that products are launched which cater to the requirement of eliminating new generations of pests and infestations. A variety of products have been launched in the market in the last 3 years.

Developments to note:

  • The heritage brand of product line for the elimination of pythium root dysfunction diseases and brown ring was launched by Syngenta.
  • Siesta, with the active constituent of metlaflumizone, was launched by BASF.
  • The fungicide AUTILUS turf was launched by AMVAC which can be applied in the control of anthracnose.

A few new players have also entered the market in the past years and are performed well in terms of business expansion, by adopting innovate strategies of business and by expansion of offerings of products. A few of them which are to be taken note of include Koch Agrochemicals, AMVAC, and American Vanguard Group.

This market is a niche and has huge growth opportunities in the coming times. The rising preferences of companies towards luxury owing to greater economic development and a rise in disposable incomes have given the industry a substantial push, but, the supply needs to meet the robust expected demand of the future. The quality of turfs and ornamentals cannot be compromised as the segment is sensitive. Therefore, to meet the demand and provide quality, it can be seen are companies are investing more in R&D for not only bringing about innovations in the fields of service and products, but also to continue staying competitive. The above can also be noticed in the increasing agreements and collaborations with universities and research departments.

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