How is the turf for turf seeds?

Is the turf seed market losing its balance? What’s up with its supply and demand sides? Is this actually a turf seed drought? The answer is not simple and depends on your preference of the definition of the term “drought”. Well, the drought is as real as it gets in the case of certain varieties of seeds. It is difficult to find and is actually quite a big challenge to find high quality turf grass seeds. The challenges in the market are related to the inventory of newer variety of seeds. The housing collapse in the recent past has had a negative impact on the demand for all types of turf grasses but the situation seemd to be improving.

During the present times, the market is filled with seeds of low quality which has had a negative impact on the prices. Contrastingly, some species are facing the problem of rising prices. The Blue Kentucky Grass in North America can be considered a good example, which faces the problem of rising prices even though the availability of seeds is not a problem in the country. There are other species too for which the prices seem to keep on increasing. These prices acts as a good chance to invest in the innovation of better and newer turf varieties of seed. The turf segment seems to be the most opportunistic when it comes to the pricing and the production of seeds. This is majorly owing to the fact that turf seed trading is different from the open exchange of grain commodities.

However, competing crops which offer more profitable deals are pulling the spotlight away from the growers of turf seeds. This is one of the foremost challenges being faced by the turf grass seed market. Further, the market is also hampered by the increasing government regulations on fuel. In spite of these constraints, the seed industry seems to be adapting itself as alternatives are being adopted by seed producing industries in new areas. North America currently holds the largest market share owing to the humungous demand in the US. Oregon area accounts for the largest demand share in the United States. Second comes Canada. In the Asia Pacific, the developing economies of India and China are the major consumers, which is followed by Middle East. The demand in the Middle East is increasing owing to the high importance given to the matters of parks, sports facilities, and landscaping in the urban areas of the region.

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