An unembellished analysis of the global flavored water market

Flavored Water Market


Taking the global beverage industry by a storm is the flavored water market that has witnessed a massive success with all its different, refreshing flavors. It has gained popularity over other sweetened beverages, colas and sodas. Manufacturers of these water-processing units are finding unique ways to add fresh herbs to make their flavored drinks even more refreshing.

The flavored water market is anticipated to grow rapidly in the upcoming years in terms of both volume and revenue. The global flavored water market is estimated to be reach US$36.54 billion by the end of 2021, the liquid flavor market is expected to fuel global liquid flavors market in the consumption of refreshing beverages.

Demand for new flavors continues to rise – A positive outlook

Flavored water consumers are demanding more and more new flavors in their flavored water drinks. Local as well as international business players in this field have identified this demand, and there is an upsurge in the growth of new manufacturing units that are innovating new flavors to their product line. The competition among the existing and the new players in this field are becoming more intense each year as each of them are trying to find new flavors to keep ahead of others in this race.

Flavors such as pineapple, raspberry, peach, watermelon and even cucumber have been added to the list of their new and exotic product line. New players are coming up with flavors like rose and lime. The demand of consumers is increasing day by day, and many are opting for more eco-friendly packages.

Manufacturers are doing research with innovative packaging that is labeled, transparent, eco-friendly and even smaller, making it even more convenient for consumers to carry these beverages along with them. Manufacturers in this industry have come up with affordable, convenient and refreshing beverages that taste delicious and align with the daily needs of the consumers.

Rough initial phase for the new players- Tough Competition

Although nothing can quench thirst better than plain mineral water, the rates at which the consumption of alcoholic drinks, carbonated and energy drinks are rising; it is becoming clear that people are preferring aromatic sweet-tasting beverages. This trend is inclining more towards preferring to drink a beverage that tastes better than water.

Identifying the huge opportunity many new players are entering this market to gain a profitable business but the humongous mounting operational cost of these water processing units, facing tough competition from the existing players in this field and pressing regulatory constraints are some of the biggest hurdles they face during their initial phase.

Companies that have been producing packaged bottled water have now understood the potential in the flavored water market while sensing the narrow scope of growth and prosperity in their existing bottled water business. Such existing companies, which have already gained trust among their consumers, are now venturing into this flavored water market which in turn is going to be a big flavored market for them and an equally big challenge for all the newcomers in this field.

Rising health consciousness among consumers- An Awakening

With the number of calories and caffeine in carbonated beverages that do more harm than good is also creating a demand for flavored water products. People are becoming health conscious due to the rising risks of obesity and numerous diseases related to obesity. More and more people are flocking from sweetened carbonated beverages to the healthy and refreshing flavored water drinks.

Manufacturers are making efforts to produce healthier drinks in eco-friendly and handy packages with many exotic flavors that suit the demands of customers in a right way. It has also been noticed that some manufacturers who use plastic as packaging material are banned because plastic has been declared as an environmental hazard all over the globe.

Although it is true that people are becoming health conscious nowadays, the easily available low-cost carbonated beverages already present in every nook and corner is negatively affecting the growth of the flavor water market. People are habituated to drink such low-cost beverages. To change their habits, healthy flavored water drinks are the safest option to shift the focus from carbonated beverages and therefore there would be a huge demand for flavored water drinks in the coming years.

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