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Wound care is one of med tech’s most diverse markets, encompassing traditional dry bandages, dressings, and wound-closure products as well as newer therapies based on tissue engineering, stem cells and sophisticated electromechanical and monitor-driven devices. Wound care affects a far greater patient population than many treatment modalities across the healthcare spectrum, and according to the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 92 million US citizens receive some form of wound care treatment each year at an annual cost of $30 billion.

The field of wound care management offers a bunch of opportunities that have so far remained untapped by medical device manufacturers. Although extraordinary progress has been witnessed in the wound care field like new antibiotics, high-tech bandages, and even skin substitutes for very problematic wounds there is only one product on the market, a growth factor that targets the biology of wound healing.

NIGMS’s research is aiming towards improved understanding of the process of wound healing and the process of biological repair and regeneration.

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Wound care is both a mature and an emerging market. While traditional products are slow-growth performers, the increasing acceptance and integration of new and emerging technologies into hospital wound care protocols is triggering a new round of interest and investment in the wound-care sector.

There is a wide variety of dressing techniques available for the management of both acute and chronic wound markets. The primary objective in both the cases is to achieve a healed wound. An ideal dressing material should accelerate wound healing and reduce the loss of vital fluids from the wound, and help minimize pain and infection. The present trend is to promote the concept of moist wound healing.

The sector also encompasses wound-treatment equipment and systems such as negative pressure wound therapy, electrostimulation, oxygen therapy, low-level laser treatment, therapeutic ultrasound, and others.

Focus of the market

The wound care management sector is witnessing a turbulence of changes regarding novel biomaterials being employed as wound dressings. The advancements in wound care management devices that have gained traction recently includes wound dressings incorporating controlled release of enzymes, silver nanocomposites which exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, honey-based wound dressings that have the potential to demonstrate antimicrobial and pain-free debridement properties, adoption of tissue engineering which promotes wound healing are some of the wound care management therapies which ensure safe and timely closure of wounds.

The most promising technologies for advanced wound care identified to date are negative pressure wound therapy and ultrasonic wound debridement systems. Solid research & development drives the growth in both these wound management technologies sector.

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Advanced wound management products may cost more, but they typically outperform their traditional wound care market regarding faster healing times and shorter hospital stays. Such improvements in performance are contributing to cost savings and increased facility utilization rates.

Growth in Diabetes Patient Pool Propels Demand

The massive increase of patients suffering from lifestyle disorders has been responsible for the growing prevalence of chronic wounds including pressure ulcer, diabetic foot ulcer, and venous leg ulcer. As chronic wounds take a long time to heal and impose socioeconomic burdens on the society, the demand for advanced wound care management is condemned to expand substantially over the oncoming years.

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