Combat the increasing prevalence of diabetes with the aid of Antidiabetics

Antidiabetics are the drugs that are used in the treatment of diabetes patients and to control the glucose level in the sufferer’s blood. Insulin and oral hypoglycaemic drug are the most popular and effective antidiabetics used by millions of people around the world. The growing prevalence of diabetes and increasing elderly population of the world are the two principal reasons promoting the use of antidiabetics.

The increasing need for lavish and sophisticated lifestyle is increasing the cases of obesity all around the world. The increase in obese population, consumption of tobacco-related products, high blood pressure and increase in cholesterol levels are the major factors causing diabetes and obesity, which increases the need for insulin and other antidiabetic products. Also, the rise in diabetes among middle age groups and children also calls for the antidiabetic products worldwide.

Insulin dominates the global antidiabetics market and will continue to grow higher in the future. The increasing prevalence of diabetes cases are encouraging the industry players to develop new and innovative products for the treatment of diabetes like Sanofi Aventis introduced Insulin lispro biosimilar for children and adults affected by diabetes. Type II diabetes occupies the major portion of the market, and changes in consumer lifestyle and resistance to insulin results in the development of more antidiabetic drugs.

According to recent studies, 80%-90% of patients diagnosed with diabetes are also diagnosed with obesity. The rise in the number of obese people, growing geriatric population, increased research and development investments for developing new products, the rise in annual disposable income, and diversified product portfolio supplements the growth of the global antidiabetics market.

On the other hand, the expiry of patents, increased adoption of generic drugs and other side effects of over usage of antidiabetics will inhibit the rapid growth of the market. However, the changes in the dietary habits of the consumers due to busy lifestyles and intake of more junk food will result in the growth of obesity and diabetes cases.

North America is the world leader of antidiabetics markets with high health care spending population, awareness about the disease, advanced healthcare infrastructure and effective reimbursement facilities.

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