Advanced technologies in semiconductor industry accelerates the need for Probe Cards

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A probe card is a testing tool used as an interconnection between a semiconductor wafer and an electronic test system. Probe cards are significant in the wafer test process to identify the reliability and operational efficiency. The probe cards are clipped to a prober that is connected to a tester electronically. These cards are essentially used to create an electrical path between the test system and wafer circuits. A printed circuit board (PCB) and a metallic element to make contact are the core parts of a probe card.

The process of simplifying the electronic devices is one of the principal factors for the growth of international probe cards market. The small-sized electronic devices are having a wide range of applications in the areas of automotive, industrial and healthcare industries. This increased demand for miniaturized electronics is pushing the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to invest in research and development to implement parts necessary for those devices.

The semiconductor device manufacturers as result of the growing demand for portable electronics are modifying their business structure to offer a suitable environment for the development of testing equipment, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), 3D integrated circuits (ICs), and field effect transistor (FinFET). The advent of new technologies in the industry also acts as fuel for the growth of probe cards market in worldwide markets.

The emerging technologies in the semiconductor industry are supporting the demand for convenient, small and efficient semiconductor testing equipment. The latest technologies like MEMS probe card are improving the testing process by integrating with the circuits. To assure the dependability of semiconductor devices, a new form of the testing process has been implemented as per the requirements of Tab separated values (TSV) technology. By including such technologies in the production of test equipment will increase the market share for OEMs.

Fabless semiconductor companies are the latest trend in the probe card market that is steadily gaining significance. The option to reduce overhead costs and management of foundries are promoting the companies to choose fabless. With the aim to enhance the design and product development processes, the semiconductor manufacturers are turning to outsource, where the fabrication and other foundry-related activities are continued by the companies that are experts in the manufacturing, assembly, and testing of semiconductor ICs.

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