Raising Awareness Among Women for Hygiene is Supplementing the Global Sanitary Napkins Market

Sanitary Napkins are worn by the women for absorbing the flow of blood during the menstrual cycle, after abortion or any vagina related surgery. These napkins are generally made of bleached rayon, cotton and plastics along with some fragrance and antibacterial agents inside. Regular pads, maxi pads, thin pads, and ultra-thin pads are the different types of sanitary napkins that are widely accepted among the women of different countries of the world.

Women in recent years are preferring organic products, which in turn is improving the market for sanitary napkins. The health benefits offered by those organic feminine hygiene products are encouraging the female population to adopt them. Organic feminine hygiene products are made from natural ingredients and are comfortable for skin, environment and pose no health threats. Leading players in the reusable sanitary napkins market are improving their product portfolio and concentrating on new products to meet the demand for organic products.

Another growing trend in the global sanitary napkins market is the use of menstrual cups among the women. The female population is slowly shifting towards these menstrual cups due to their additional benefits. The least chances of spreading infection and optimum costs of the menstrual cups are encouraging more and more women to use them. The extended life and simple disposable option of menstrual cups are propelling several companies to manufacture those products, increasing the market for sanitary napkins.

The support activities and initiatives by the government and NGOs are increasing the awareness about the use of sanitary pads in the developing and under-developed nations, which improved the demand for those products.  Vendors in this industry are proving less expensive products and improving product diversification that can help extend the customer base in both developing and developed nations.

Innovative promotional and marketing strategies by the manufacturers, rise in the individual disposable population, increase in the number of working women and structured retail industry are fuelling the growth of global sanitary napkins market.

Reusable pads are also gaining prominence among women due to their low prices, promoting the sanitary pads market worldwide. The increasing awareness for feminine hygiene and continuous promotional activities will tend to increase the profits of sanitary pads market, and the market is expected to cross USD 26 billion by 2022 with an annual growth rate of 6.07% from 2016.

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