Increasing technology in pharmaceutical industry favours the Global Flow Chemistry Market

Flow Chemistry involves continuous chemical reactions in a flowing stream instead of batch production, which can also be known as continuous flow or plug flow chemistry. The flow reactors in recent times can offer a wide range of applications and advantages compared to the conventional batch reactor technology. Many conditions that cannot be produced by the batch reactors can be easily achieved with the help of new flow chemistry reactors.

The global flow chemistry market is expected to cross USD 2 billion by 2024 with a steady year-on-year growth rate. Flow chemistry high-security levels with the controlled reaction time, temperature, flow, pumped volumes and pressures during the entire reaction process. The wide range of applications in chemicals and pharmaceutical companies, low operational costs, controlled productions and energy savings, along with advanced operations than batch reactors in industries is increasing the demand for flow reactors.

The advent of technology in the pharmaceutical industry and the demand for nature-friendly reaction process is driving the demand for flow reactors than the batch production. The increased use of technology will control the reaction environment, decrease the steps involved in the reaction, reduce maintenance and space required. The total production costs can be reduced with the help of technology, and modern applications of research and development like 3D printing, microwave irradiation, photochemistry, and the gas-based process will increase the demand for global flow chemistry market.

Petrochemicals are the leading market contributor for flow chemistry market and are expected to grow with an annual growth rate of 9% owing to the demand for ethylene and polyethylene production in North America. Growing urbanization and rise in the demand for generic drugs in Central and South America is promoting the flow chemistry market. The pharmaceutical industry is the fastest growing sector that explores the benefits of flow reactors.

High research and development cost and huge capital involved in the technology adoption, high expenses for Micro Reactor systems (MRT), along with the lack of proper regulations are hindering the market growth for flow chemistry. However, the flow chemistry has a lot of benefits to supply for biodiesel, fuels, food, beverage and other industries. Furthermore, the growing chemical and petrochemical industries in the Middle East region also compliments the growth of global flow chemistry market.

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