Global Collagen Casings Market Strategies, Growth and Outlook to 2025

Global collagen casings market

Global collagen casings market is gaining prominence with its edible feature

Collagen casings are the artificial kind of casings used for covering the sausages. They are made from the collagen in beef or pig hides, and bones and tendons. Some collagens are also extracted from poultry and fish. The increasing demand for food products across the globe is the main factor promoting the global collagen casings market.  Existing in the market for last 50 years, the requirement for these casings is gradually increasing in the recent times.

Most of the collagen casings are edible and can be consumed along with the sausage. The collagen casings used in these days are tenderer than the natural casings but do not include the bite of natural casings. In salamis and larger sausages, a special form of collagen casing is applied that requires peeling to eat those sausages. Comparatively, the collagen casings are very cheap and offer better size and weight to the sausages along with the convenience to transport.

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Global Collagen Casings Market Growth:

The increasing consumption of meat around the world is the primary factor driving the global collagen casings market. Additionally, the increasing purchasing capabilities of the people, the easy preparation of the collagen casings and its edible features, nutritional values of the product, technological advancements in the food industry and manufacturing machinery, growing demand for sausages in restaurants, supermarkets, and retail shops, and other factors are also promoting the collagen castings market globally.

Global Collagen Casings Market Geographical Analysis:

Based on the regional analysis, the global collagen castings market is segmented as North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. The increasing demand for collagen casings and sausages as a part of food accompanies in restaurants and bars across the globe is supporting the growth of the collagen casings market in all the above mentioned regions.

Global Collagen Casings Market leading Players:

The market offers several growth opportunities as the need for meat is increasing globally. The leading manufacturers of the global collagen casings market are Viscofan SA, Devro plc, Selo, Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited, DAT-Schaub Group, Kalle GmbH, Nitta Casings, ViskoTeepak, FIBRAN, S.A, Viskase Companies, Innovia Films Limited, Columbit Group (Colpak), Nippi, and FABIOS S.A.

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