Global Fresh Food Packaging Market Key Trends to 2025

Global fresh food Market

Global Fresh Food Packaging Market Size:

The Global Fresh Food Packaging Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately XX % during the forecast period to cross USD XX Billion by 2023. Food packaging plays a prominent role in keeping the quality of the food products during transportation and handling. Proper packaging will protect the food products from the contamination of microorganisms, air and temperature, safeguarding the nutritional values. Other than protecting the food products, the packaging also helps the customers by providing the instructions for use, transport, recycling and disposal.

Different kinds of materials are used in the packing based on the type of the food. For instance, fresh fruits and vegetables are packed in textile bags, wooden boxes and others, while seafood or meat is packed the plastic boxes with polyethene lining. However, the bio-based products are more used in the packaging these days due to the adverse effects of plastic on the environment. The advent of technology has brought many changes in the packaging such as the water-soluble packaging, edible packaging, smart packaging, and self-cooling and self-heating packing.

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Global Fresh Food Packaging Market Growth Drivers:

The global Fresh Food Packaging Market is supported by several growth drivers like the increasing shelf-life of the food products, growing demand for convenience food, rising disposable income of the population, awareness about the benefits of package food among the consumers, advances in the technology, concerns regarding nature and global warming, demand environmental friendly packaging techniques, changing lifestyles of the people, and government supportive regulatory policies for the food safety and health. However, there are few factors restraining the market growth like the alternative local-made cheap products, disposition of wasters and fierce market competition.

Global Fresh Food Packaging Market Geographical Analysis:

Based on geography, the Asia Pacific region is expected to witness a rapid CAGR in the forecast period due to the increase in exports of fruits and vegetables for India and China. China is the largest market for the fresh food packaging in the Asia Pacific, followed by India. Europe and North America are also expected to witness lucrative opportunities in the future owing to the increasing healthcare interests of the people.

Global Fresh Food Packaging Market Key players:

The key players of the global Fresh Food Packaging Market are Amcor Limited, Bemis Company Inc., Berry Plastics, Packaging Corporation of America, Sonoco Products Company, Graphic Packaging International, Inc., Sealed Air India Pvt. Ltd., Bomarko Inc., and International Paper and Anchor Packaging Inc.

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