Global GP lens Market Size, Strategies and Forecast to 2025

Global GP lens Market

Global GP lens Market View:

The global GP lens market is supported by the growing contact lens market around the world, which is predicted to cross USD XX billion by 2025. The gas permeable lens, also known as the rigid gas permeable lens or hard contact lens are generally prepared using the polymers that are oxygen permeable. These lenses are used in the treatment of eye disorders like hypermetropia/hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

Difference between GP Lens and Soft Lens:

The main advantage of the gas permeable lens is the visual clarity compared to the soft lens. Initially, it takes some time to adapt to the rigid GP lens, but once adapted they can significantly improve the vision of the person. A new form of lens called hybrid lens is gaining prominence in the recent days, which is the combination of gas permeable lens and soft lens. This hybrid lens consists of the rigid gas permeable central zone that is surrounded by the soft or silicone hydrogel made a soft peripheral skirt. The hybrid lens is having a wide range of applications in the people suffering from the disorders like astigmatism and keratoconus.

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The increasing number of patients with eye disorders is the principal factor driving the global GP lens market. Additionally, the extra clarity of the GP lens, the adoption of new technologies in the eye care, growing demand for contact lens among the people, increasing awareness about the benefits of contact lens, changing lifestyles of the population, growing prevalence of diseases like diabetes and other eye-related problems in the younger populace, and other factors are promoting the worldwide market. However, the additional care and high costs of the maintenance of these contact lenses are the major factors limiting these markets.

Global GP Lenses Market Regional Analysis:

Based on the regional analysis, North America is the leading market for the global GP lens market owing to the increasing adoption of contact lens among the population and rising health care spending of the region. Furthermore, the rising vision problems in the younger generation and the growing geriatric population are also supporting the market growth in North America. The Asia Pacific and Europe are also expected to witness rapid growth in the market in the forecast period.

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Global GP Lenses Market Leading Manufacturers:

The leading manufactures of the global GP lens market are Brazos Valley Eyecare, Acuvue Contact Lenses, Johnson & Johnson, Alcon, Bausch and Lomb, Cooper Vision, Menicon, Allergan, Premier Eye Care, Scotlens, ABB OPTICAL GROUP, Alden Optical, Capricornia Contact Lens, Custom Craft, Paragon, SynergEyes, The LifeStyle Co., Visionary Optics, and Metro Optics.

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