Global Organic Fertilizers Market Worth USD12.26 Billion by 2025

Global Organic Fertilizers Market

Increase the crop production with the eco-friendly organic fertilizers:

Global Organic Fertilizers Market was valued at around USD 6.15 Billion in 2016 and is predicted to grow at a CAGR of approximately 8.27% to reach USD 12.26 Billion by 2025. Organic fertilizer is the alternate solution for the hazardous chemical fertilizers that affect the environment and health of the living creatures. These fertilizers are generally made from animal manure and vegetable wastes. They improve the health of the crops by providing essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and others.

Natural organic fertilizers also include animal matter from meat processing industries, peat, slurries, manures and guano. The organic and humus content of the soil, nutrients to the soil resident microorganisms, and restoring the physical-chemical properties of the soil are some of the additional benefits of organic fertilizers. The fertility of the soil that was lost due to the extensive use of synthetic fertilizers can be restored effectively by applying the organic matter to the field.

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Global Organic Fertilizers Market Demand Analysis:

The increasing demand for organic farming and organic food products coupled with the harmful effects of the chemical fertilizers to nature are the principal factors driving the global organic fertilizers market. Furthermore, the growing awareness about the use of organic substances, supportive initiatives from the government, the fewer investments and high profits, strict regulations for the human and environmental protection, and others are also supplementing to the market growth. However, the recent advances in the research and development of synthetic fertilizers and their instant results are hampering the expansion of organic fertilizers market around the world.

Global Organic Fertilizers Market Regional Analysis:

In terms of regional analysis, Europe accounts for the largest share of the global organic fertilizers market and is expected to continue its leadership in the future due to the growing customer awareness about organic products, consumer interests to purchase organic fertilizers, increase in the cultivable land under organic food products and advances in the technology. Spain is the dominating market for these fertilizers in Europe. Nonetheless, the increasing investments in the agriculture and government supportive campaigns are expected to increase the market share in the Asia Pacific and North American regions.

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Global Organic Fertilizers Market Leading Players:

The leading companies contributing to the worldwide marketplace are Tata Chemicals Ltd, Midwestern BioAg, Purely Organic Products, LLC, Biostar Organics, Multiplex Group, Italpollina S.p.A, National Fertilizers Ltd., Sustane Natural Fertilizer, Inc. and others.

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