Global Video Game Engine Market Outlook, SWOT Analysis to 2025

Global Video Game Engine Market

Global Video game engine market to upsurge with the growing demand for video games:

The global video game engine market was worth at USD XX million in 2017 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately XX % during the forecast period to reach USD XX  million by 2025. A video game engine is a platform or development environment that supports the engineers to design a video game. This platform is used by the product developers to create games for consoles, personal computers and mobile devices. To control the additional expenses, the same game engine will be used for creating different video games and to port them to various environments.

A typical game engine offers renderer for 2D and 3D graphics, collision detection and response, sound, scripting, artificial intelligence, networking, streaming, animation, memory control, threading, localization, scene graph, and the advanced engines offer video support for cinematics. The video game engines provide platform abstraction that supports the video game to run on different platforms like gaming consoles and personal computers by slightly modifying the main source code. Some of the popular game engines are Crystal Space, Genesis3D, Irrlicht, OGRE, RealmForge, Truevision3D, and Vision Engine.

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There are multiple factors supporting the global video game engine market. Some of the prominent among them are increasing demand for video games among the global young and child population, advances in the technology, the introduction of more realistic games, use of social media networks to challenge the opponents, increasing penetration of smartphones and gaming laptops, growth in the purchasing ability of the people, new entrants in the market and others. However, the expenses involved in the design and the health concerns may act as the limiting factors of the market.

Global Video Game Engine Market Geographical Analysis:

Based on the geography, the global video game engine market is dominated by North America and Europe owing to the increasing demand for video games among the population. The increasing youth population and adoption of advanced technologies are expected to increase the market growth in the Asia Pacific region.

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Global Video Game Engine Market Leading Players:

Some of the key players of the market Unity Technologies, Epic Games, Chukong Tech, Crytek, Valve Corporation, YoYo Games, The Game Creators, Marmalade Tech, Idea Fabrik, Leadwerks Software, Sony, Amazon, GameSalad, Scirra, Corona Labs (Organization), Silicon Studio Corp, Garage Games, Briar Wallace/Blender Foundation (Organization), The OGRE Team (Organization), Godot Engine (Community developed), and Mario Zechner (Personal).

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