Global Vitamin and Mineral Premixes Market Key Strategies, Growth Insights to 2025

Global Vitamin and Mineral Premixes Market

Changing lifestyles of people augment the Global Vitamin and Mineral Premixes Market:

The global vitamin and mineral premixes market were valued at USD XX Billion in 2017 and estimated to grow at a CAGR of approximately XX during the forecast period to reach USD XX Billion by 2025. Vitamin and mineral premixes are the powdered or liquid form of various vitamins, minerals or both that are used to increase the nutrition value of food and beverages. They are used as supplements in the human and animal food, healthcare and personal care solutions.

Feed segment of the vitamin and mineral premixes market is the leading contributor to the market share. These premixes, when combined with the animal feed, can combat the conditions like low live-weight gains, infertility, low milk production, and other health concerns in those animals. The regular flavour, appearance and functionality of the food products can be enhanced with the addition of these vitamin and mineral premixes. Healthcare segment is the profitable division of the market based on its applications.

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The increasing demand for fortified products in the food and beverages industry, growing consumption of compound feed, the rise in the need for enhancement of food tastes, health benefits to animals and humans, increasing disposable income of the people, growing awareness about healthy lifestyle, prevalence of diseases like diabetes, obesity and heart failures, development of innovative and tasteful products, growing number of consumers that study the nutritional labels of the products and other factors are bolstering the burgeoning demand for the vitamin and mineral premixes market. However, the side effects like allergic reactions, high costs of the enriched food products, and strict government regulations for the fortification of animal feed are hampering the expansion of the market.

Global Vitamin and Mineral Premixes Market Geographical Analysis:

Geographically, the Asia Pacific region is expected to dominate the global vitamin and mineral premixes market in the future attributing to the changing lifestyles of the consumers, increasing demand for enriched food products, rapid urbanization, growth in the disposable income of the population in India, China, and Japan, and the technological advances in the manufacturing of vitamin and mineral premix substances.

Global Vitamin and Mineral Premixes Market Leading Players:

The key players in the global vitamin and mineral premixes market are DSM, Glanbia Nutritionals, Hexagon Nutrition, SternVitamin, Vitablend, Watson Inc, Nutreco, Cargill, InVivo NSA, DLG Groups, ADM, Animix, Burkmann, Rasco Feed, Crown Pacific Biotech, BEC Feed Solutions, Lantmannen Lantbruk, Masterfeeds L.P., Nutrius, and Zagro.

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